Bone Shaker is a custom built 1981 International Transtar 4300 race truck, boasting 18,000 HP with 12000lbs of trust from this J79 General Electric Turbo Jet Engine.

Specs/ General Characteristics:

  • Type: After burning turbo jet engine

  • Length: 192”/16’

  • Diameter: 38.4”/3.2’

  • Dry weight: 3300 Lbs


  • Compressor: 17-Stage Axial

  • Combustors: Cannular

  • Turbine: 3-stage


  • Maximum Thrust 12000 lbs

  • Air Mass Flow: 170 lbs

  • Specific fuel consumption: Gallons

The J79 GE is a Axial flow turbo jet build for use in a variety of fighter and bomber aircraft

Major applications:

  • Conair B-58 Hustler- Lockheed

  • F-104 Star Fighter- McDonnell

  • F-4 Phantom

  • Just to name just a few.